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Blog from the Job Hakr: Student Affairs Job Search

Blog from the Job Hakr: Student Affairs Job Search


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Should I take the offer?

If you’ve gotten to this part of the student affairs job search, then some congratulations are in order!  You are the top candidate! The institution wants to bring you on board! But sometimes that isn’t the news you want to hear. That’s because now you have to make a decision…

Do I take the offer or pass?

There are many things to consider when making your decision. An important thing to remember here is to pace yourself and review all of your options. This is a big step. This is the next stage of your career. That means that you owe it to yourself to take the time to make an informed decision.

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“Does this institution fit me?” The Student Affairs Job Search Question

Many entry level student affairs professionals conduct their first major job search right when their graduate programs are ending. That can be a stressful time. They need to finish their courses, search for job postings, and then prepare for their first round and on-campus interviews.

But the one question that comes up time and time again for new professionals is: “does the institution fit me?” There are many who argue what fit is and how to affects individual professionals.  But when I get this question from my mentees, I point them to four major areas to look at when determining if an institution is the right fit for them.

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