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About the Job Hakr: Student Affairs Job Search

About the Job Hakr: Student Affairs Job Search



The Job Hakr provides career advice, services, and insight to student affairs professionals in their job search.

Our featured product is the Briefing Book: a bespoke and customized guide that provides all of the relevant information, questions, and answers that these professionals need to ace their on-campus interview.

The Briefing Book service provides these job seekers with a customized guide for their on-campus interview process. This guide aligns the candidates’ strengths with the institution’s needs, wants, and culture. It also outlines strategies to mitigate the candidate’s shortcomings and weaknesses.

The Briefing Book provides detailed and insightful information on the individuals the candidate is most like to encounter during the interview process. The book is created to provide as much information to the job seeker about the interview process as possible