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Networking Questions

Networking Questions Student Affairs Job Search

Networking Questions Student Affairs Job Search

Networking Questions
Use these questions for networking at student affairs conferences, starting an informational interview, or just getting to know other professionals better.

Ice Breakers

  • What institution did you complete your undergraduate degree at? Master’s? Doctorate?

  • Where are you working right now? What attracted you to that institution? To that role?

  • Can you describe your student affairs origin story?


  • What are the qualities of you look for when hiring student affairs professionals?

  • How would you communicate your supervisory style to who works for you?

Professional Development

  • What is the most challenging part of your job?

  • What is the biggest lesson you learned working in your position?

  • What is your philosophy on professional development for new professionals? 

Administration & Culture

  • How do you go about forming partnerships across other offices at your institution?

  • How does your institution celebrate successes in student affairs?

  • What are some of your favorite campus traditions?

  • How does your institution support diversity?


  • What do you do outside of student affairs for fun?